About the project


In the project, we take a closer look at how people perceive their own morality. We conduct our studies online, in order to ensure full anonymity and confidentiality of data. Taking part in the study is voluntary. Participants need to be 18 years old.

In our study we ask anonymous people about their (un)ethical behavior, as well as their views and moral emotions. We are particularly interested in unethical behavior of respondents (such as: cheating on a partner, fraud at work, theft). Nevertheless, any person can enter our study by filling in the questionnaire, and consequently learn more about their morality. Each respondent receives immediate feedback after completing the study. Participants may resign from the study at any moment.

Do you know that not all of us have similar (coherent) views, emotions and behaviors from the moral perspective? For instance, one can steal something but later really regret it and believe that theft is unacceptable. On the other hand, one can feel satisfaction from stealing and believe that theft is acceptable, as no one is badly hurt in the act. Would you assess such two people as equally moral?

In our study we analyze phenomena concerning moral coherence and incoherence. Our own research refers to the latest studies in the psychology of morality: theory of behavioral ethics (Bazerman, Gino, 2012), person-centered approach to moral judgment (Uhlmann, Pizarro, Diermeier, 2015) as well as concept of moral hypocrisy, ethical dissonance and moral cohesiveness (Batson, Thompson, Whitney, Strongman, 1999; Barkan, Ayal, Gino, Ariely, 2012; Ballard, 2000).


The aim of the project is reaching the biggest number of participants, especially those who have done something unethical and want to share such information anonymously, supporting the research in the field of moral psychology.

Participants (adults, at different ages, with different levels of education, both male and female) will complete a number of tools regarding their moral views and emotions; they will also be asked about anti-social behaviors.

We plan to carry out our study for the minimum period of 3 years.

THE MAIN posed question is

Which moral views and emotions characterize people who engage in socially undesirable behaviors?

About the project

Projekt finansowany przez Narodowe Centrum Nauki, konkurs Miniatura 1, numer: 2017/01/X/HS6/01332.

Project financed by National Science Center, Poland, Miniatura 1, number: 2017/01/X/HS6/01332.

Narodowe Centrum Nauki