We have already achieved a lot as humanity – new technologies make our lives incredibly easy – nevertheless, we still pose questions about morality of people and certain species of animals.

In case of people, morality is not only a system of values; it is different than religion or ethics. We perceive morality as a combination of our views, emotions and actions. Morality is what we do, think and feel.

Dr. Paruzel-Czachura has decided to create a group of researchers interested in morality and invite them to co-create Moral Psychology Center. The Center concentrates on research of human morality from a psychological perspective.

We also co-operate with world-renowned psychologist prof. Philip Zimbardo as part of Heroic Imagination Project, whose leader in Poland is prof. dr. hab. Agnieszka Wilczynska. We conduct trainings for Polish teachers on how to work with people of all ages, especially with children, on their morality. On our trainings we discuss such phenomena as: bystander effect, growth mindset, stereotypes and autostereotypes.

Phenomenon worth researching

Human morality is one of the most interesting phenomena which scientists (not only psychologists) can study.

Projekt finansowany przez Narodowe Centrum Nauki, konkurs Miniatura 1, numer: 2017/01/X/HS6/01332.

Project financed by National Science Center, Poland, Miniatura 1, number: 2017/01/X/HS6/01332.

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