About the center


  • What factors influence the assessment of the degree of morality of other people?
  • How do the views and emotions of other people influence our assessment of their morality?
  • Is the foreign language in which we make moral decisions connected with our moral judgments?
  • How do we perceive our morality?
  • What coping mechanisms do we use in order to maintain our positive self-image, even if we are incarcerated as a result of committing a serious crime?
  • Do similar effects occur among children?

We constitute a group of Polish psychologists interested in researching morality from a psychological perspective. We observe people’s behavior, as well as ask them about their moral views (e.g. systems of values, moral judgments) and experienced emotions. In our studies we do not judge the morality of participants, as moral psychology is a descriptive, rather than normative, branch of science, which studies “how things stand” instead of “how things should be”.

Establishing of the Center

Moral Psychology Center has been functioning since 2018 as a research team managed by dr. Mariola Paruzel-Czachura.

Projekt finansowany przez Narodowe Centrum Nauki, konkurs Miniatura 1, numer: 2017/01/X/HS6/01332.

Project financed by National Science Center, Poland, Miniatura 1, number: 2017/01/X/HS6/01332.

Narodowe Centrum Nauki